Pink Nails And How You Can Make Them Shine 410

Pink nails are the new black today. This is what fashion shows and models on a catwalk have proved this season. Whether you like it or not, many girls are going to follow this trend just because they love pink and there is nothing what can be done about it. If for any reason you do not like this color and feel it to be rather a stereotype than a preference of many girls, make sure you know all the color variations and manicure options before refusing it for good.

For those who like it even more shiny and glowing, pink nails can be augmented with glitter and other shiny elements. Obviously, what makes pink nail polisher such a go-to solution is that it looks natural on the nails and usually adds some feeling of tenderness and ease to the girl’s overall appearance. If you feel that today this is the best option for you, here are some of our suggestions on how to make a perfect pink and glittering manicure!

Pink, Pink, And Once More Pink

Once you have ultimately decided to go pink for the next two or three weeks, we have prepared a couple of variants for your nails. The basic advice would be to choose a rather light color and apply some design or glitter on it to add a bit of playfulness and carelessness to your look. For more advice look below:

  • pink and rose gold bow nail: combination of these two colors always looks gorgeous together. Choose a nice design and make sure to apply it in gold on the light pink nails with glitter base;
  • v-shape design: choose either grey or white for the second tone and combine it with the pink base. This will not only look stylish and classy but will also be a nice way to make your short nails look longer;
  • glitter summer design: by leaving one or two nails on each hand totally covered in glitter will make you shine under the sun. In case the weather is not that good, this design will keep your summer mood even during other seasons. That is exactly what we love it for!

To wrap things up, rose color is nothing but a trend in the modern days. It allows girls and women to play with different color combinations while also encourages you to stay tender and calm. With a pinch of glitter or unusual design you can give your nails a rather playful look and thus remain in the good mood for as long as you wear them.