Simple But Decent Ways to Modify Your Classic Bob

It seems bob haircuts will never be out of fashion. Many celebrities as well as people from the fashion industry are devoted to this very hairstyle not letting it to fall into oblivion. For us this is undoubtedly good as women all over the world are free to experiment with their short hair hairstyles and also invent new modifications thereto. In this article we will discuss a number of  stylish and classy hairstyles suiting women with long stacked bob, so stay tuned.

Anyone can rock a bob with a few minor changes to suit their face shape and personality. As a hairstyle it is very versatile and one can choose from angled, inverted or stacked not to mention classic one. Moreover, you are free to incorporate a fringe which can be solid or edgy and this will work perfectly well. Whatever your personal preferences, bob will always have something for your character and message you would like to spread, the most crucial task is to find that ultimate shape of it!

Variations Of Bob For Long Hair

It is a well-known fact that hairstyle is a some kind of a personality reflection. And the modification of a hairstyle is what makes us stand out from the rest and express exactly what we want to. Below are some of the most classy variations for the long bob hairstyle which will help you to choose the ultimate one for yourself:

  • long stacked bob with bangs: this is a rather playful hairstyle enabling you not only to get more volume and stack your hair up, but also add some note of mystique by setting the bangs. To get that ultimate look, one is ought to try a side bangs falling tenderly on one side of the face and covering the eye just a bit;
  • bright stacked bob: when it comes to hairdos, sometimes color plays a crucial role. So, for your lengthy hair to look bright enough in the crowd of the same hairstyles, try to make it colorful and shiny. Among the variants to explore are icy blonde, red hot, purple and frosty ones;
  • choppy style: for lovers of shaggy and anything but a sleek hair-do, choppy bob is always an answer. You are free to style it with wet hands to make it look natural and shaggy or simply add some curly or wavy accents  to such a careless hairstyle;
  • sleek bob style: on the contrary, if you prefer perfect shapes and forms, sleek bob will work better for you. With volume in place owing to the haircut itself, this hair-do will look good enough to impress the wider public as well as express oneself.

To wrap things up, hair is the part of our bodies which is the easiest to change and adapt to the current moods or life feeling. In order to do so, one may opt for a long stacked bob with  bangs and play with its multiple variations. Whether you go shaggy or sleek, this should always reflect your character and mood as well as be a perfect augmentation to your face shape and body.